Las Minas Enclosure

After several meetings and exhibitions of motifs, in September 1994, it was decided that the headquarters of the Las Minas university campus should be established in the municipality of Siuna, which provided the necessary conditions.

The reasoning for choosing Siuna was that the municipality, in addition to being geographically the gateway to the North Atlantic Autonomous Region, had better socioeconomic conditions such as the largest student population, suitable for higher education, greater economic activity, presence of government and non-governmental agencies and more schools.

The initial idea of the Pro-URACCAN Association was to offer careers according to the geological conditions of the subregion, which has poly metal deposits. Based on this, it was thought to develop the careers of Geology and Mine Engineering.

The idea was subsequently reconsidered, taking into account the conditions of remoteness, absence of literature, laboratories and specialists in these areas. The procedure for determining the academic offer was defined based on the potential of Natural Resources of the Region.

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