Bilwi Enclosure

URACCAN University began its academic activities in the city of Bilwi (nursing school) and subsequently moved to the premises of the community of Kamla (1996), where, to operate daily, supplies such as power plant and water were transported for human consumption. Simultaneously on this date, work is also initiated on the Waspam extension.

It offers an academic offer at different levels of training in correspondence with the Intercultural Community University model. In which you can highlight Master's, Bachelor's and/or Engineering with intercultural community approaches, School of Leadership and Community Diplomas.

A total of 18 careers out of the 24 offered by the university are currently offered.

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Geographical location of the Campus

The Bilwi-Kamla enclosure is located approximately 7 kilometers north of the city of Bilwi.Within the property you can see the savannah of pine forests, riverside forests with trees of different species, a greening where medicinal plants are identified, an area intended for field practices that agglomerates a nursery, crop area and areas of agricultural experiments. On the other hand, there are infrastructures for sports practices such as a baseball field, a multipurpose field (basketball and futsal) and a football field.

Geographical location of the Campus
Campus Organization Chart