Bluefields Laboratories

Laboratories are living spaces where knowledge, knowledge and practices are built and recreated in harmony with Mother Earth, which contribute to the revitalization of the Identity and culture of peoples, through innovation, entrepreneurship, production and marketing, based on the guidelines, principles and institutional values for the Good Living.

The Bluefields enclosure has a nursery, established by URACCAN-IREMADES and aims to generate scientific-technical knowledge, in terms of agricultural methodologies that adapt to the edaphoclimatic conditions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast; it also serves as a space for students, with the accompaniment of their teachers, to carry out experimental research, exchanges of experiences and internships.

The methodology implemented is bio-intensive agriculture, cultivating vegetables, medicinal, ornamental and fruit plants, which are marketed among the staff of the enclosure and surrounding settlers, in order to contribute to financial sustainability of the institute.