Emblematic Processes

⇒Project Community Action and Spaces to Grow in Multicultural Contexts.This project allowed to develop intercultural spaces to grow, such as an extracurricular program for comprehensive training of children and adolescents, which is accompanied by the raising of parents, as well as teachers from primary schools about the importance of education as the central axis of socio-cultural development.

⇒Fortalization and articulation of the management and educational management processes of SEAR RACCS within the framework of the operation of the septuagenal plan 2014 – 2021.The project allows the university to continue to accompany the Education Subsystem, through the promotion of technical and financial operativization of the regionalization process of Regional Education in the South Caribbean, the strengthening and promotion of the Garífuna language, through the nest of languages and the implementation of the statistical system in two schools of the municipality of Bluefields urban.


⇒System of experiences of the Afro-descendant commission.

⇒Revitalization of the Garífuna Language Nest in the community of Orinoco, Municipality of Laguna de Perlas.

⇒The application of CCRISAC from research: Meaning of nature from the worldview of the Rama people in the communities of Indian River and Eagle Point of Rama – Kriole territory".

⇒Characterization of food native to the Caribbean coast that contribute to the healthy eating of school-age children in the Miskitas Awas, Raitipura and Kahkabila communities.