Recognitions and achievements

⇒Recognition for the invaluable and unconditional support and accompaniment granted for the celebration of African Heritage month by the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC) and Nicaribbean Black People Association (NBPA).

⇒Port to the Multi-Ethnic, Multilingual and Multicultural Region. PEBI Bilingual Intercultural Education Program, Ministry of Education Culture and Sport (MINED).

⇒Operation and unconditional contribution in times of emergency to the Morava church of Nicaragua.

⇒Recognition for accompaniment in the research processes and implementation of models of justice, education, health, territorial demarcation, strategic plans for development and boosting social participation. Regional Council and Regional Government of the North Caribbean Coast.

⇒ Institutional self-assessment process with a high percentage of compliance.

⇒Sensitization on the new institutional philosophical framework for students, teachers and administrative.

⇒Firm of the agreement with the Regional Council for the Exchange of Information for Food on the Autonomy Observatory website.

⇒Compose to communities in different indigenous territories in the construction of their life plans.

⇒Plan on malaria prevention and care in the municipalities of Waspam and Puerto Cabezas.

⇒Immentation of the project Strengthening conditions and capacities of the population for the conservation and sustainable management of coastal ecosystems of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, this work is carried out in the TAWIRA territory specifically in the Miskitus Keys.

⇒Manejo and access to the URACCAN University Management System by the university community (Academic Registration, Budgeting, Operational Planning).

⇒Participation in different sporting events in the Bilwi leagues (Softball, Football Field, Futsal, Volleyball and Basketball).

⇒ Permanent conversations with the student, teaching and administrative guild.

⇒ I meet with the coordinators and technicians of the institutes and research centers.