Youth overflow during pre-enrollment 2021, at URACCAN campus New Guinea
Students receiving guidance during the propedeutic course
Students receiving guidance during the propedeutic course
Judith Robleto

High expectations for the intercultural educational model

People from New Guinea, and regions surrounding this municipality, relying on the educational quality of URACCAN, overflowed to carry out the pre-enrollment process, corresponding to this new educational cycle 2021, to qualify for one of the professional careers offered in this venue.

To date, more than 500 young people, from different municipalities such as El Castillo, El Coral and New Guinea mainly, are starting the propedeutic course offered by this studio house, and later carry out their registration.

According to the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of URACCAN campus New Guinea, "the propedeutic course is the main element of the system of entry to the URACCAN University, allows the student to know which institution comes and then to the appropriation of greater knowledge with modules such as oral and written communication, mathematics for life and vocational orientation", he argued.

Intercultural strengthening processes

For the PhD. Lopez, being clear, from vocational orientation and having knowledge about the intercultural university, is paramount to a tuition process in the chosen profession. Prior to this high-participation process, a student outreach and recruitment plan was worked; after strengthening spaces and prevention actions of Covid 19, in order to receive the new student and offer a space of safe coexistence.

In this sense, the teacher Consuelo Blandón Jirón, academic secretary of the venue, explained that the propedeutic is opening in regular and bimonthly mode and the weekend is opening with the fortnightly groups.

Motivation to study at URACCAN

"The reliability they have at URACCAN New Guinea has been excellent, an excellent perception from all school principals and parents, because opting for a career at URACCAN means that they have confidence in us, so this avalanche of young people and those who are missing," Bolandon said.

One of the most demanded careers is the bachelor's degree in Intercultural Nursing, passing the 70 pre-triculates. According to Eylin Luna Ríos, from the Polo de Desarrollo Aguas Gatas community, studying Intercultural Nursing in URACCAN is a personal and family dream.

"I want to be a young man prepared to help the people in my community and care for them right there if that's the case; nursing is a great career and I have been recommended as the best option to URACCAN," the young man said.