Assertive communication from participatory spaces of URACCAN's permanent staff in New Guinea
Collaborators of URACCAN new Guinea venue in general assembly
Collaborators of URACCAN new Guinea venue in general assembly
Judith Robleto

Continuous and constant work for intercultural higher education

Authorities of URACCAN campus New Guinea, held the first general assembly of the year 2021, with the participation of all permanent personnel. The event began with a religious invocation and reflection of the mission and institutional vision.

During this assembly, the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the venue, presented the agreements taken at the last session of the University Council of URACCAN (CUU), as well as the activities to be carried out in order to start, both the school year and the working year.

Fulfilling URACCAN's mission and vision is a collective commitment

In light of the reflection of URACCAN's mission and vision, the collaborators referred to the feeling of satisfaction as it was part of a university that has more prestige and demand, on the part of the population.

"In the hallways I talked to a young man and he told me that his family urged him to study at URACCAN to be a great nurse, and then to return to his community to care for people; listening to that means that we are working on projecting the community university that we say we are," said one of the teachers present at the assembly.  

Motivation to the continuity of a job with quality and warmth

"This space also wants to call them to continue working with that same enthusiasm and encouragement that has always characterized us as an enclosure," Vice-Chancellor Mairena added.

At the end of the assembly, it was urged to continue implementing all COVID 19 prevention measures, ensuring that it is still part of our reality and we must take care of each other without let our guard down.