Stakeholder meeting

Spirituality, intertwined with teamwork

By: Neylin Calderón

With chants and spiritual reflection, URACCAN staff at the Bilwi compound witnessed a thanksgiving cult for the opening of the 2020 school year, where the authorities reported on new developments and activities for this new year, as well as the challenges that must be met as a university to continue providing quality and relevant education for the Autonomous Regions of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast.

The vice-chancellor of URACCAN, at the Bilwi compound, Enrique Cordón, PhD, told officials and officials that for this university to walk with firm steps we must continue to work as a team and with great responsibility, "if we feed the spirit it means that we are prepared to face many challenges and many problems (...) I want to send you a warm greeting from our rector and congratulate you on the excellent work we have been doing in the compound," Cordón said.

In addition, the vice-chancellor of the campus reported that in 2019 84% of the activities proposed in the annual planning of this university campus were fulfilled "the campus finished with the work we did as a team, we all did, we all participated, we all worked, we all got our hands, we all cooperated", said Enrique Cordón.

Intercultural Communication is a key part of URACCAN

For his part, the master's degree Yuri Zapata, vice-chancellor general of the URACCAN stated that one of the fundamental pieces for the good walk and functioning of the university is intercultural communication, "in teamwork communication is fundamental plus an intercultural communication that establishes not only to see the differences, but in the message that you are transmitting, whether bodily , visual or oral, has to do with going beyond understanding that message that is interspersed with the word, of object, of the gaze", deepened Zapata.

New challenges for this 2020

Finally, Enrique Cordón informed the staff that from the University Council of URACCAN (CUU) being the highest instance of decision-making of this house of intercultural higher education was approved to graduate new professionals of the university extension of Waspam for the month of July, in addition to the Bilwi campus, the graduation will be held in June of the current year.