URACCAN Bilwi venue forms support teams for Latin American Innovation Rally 2020
Rectory guided special accompaniment for students who will participate in this international challenge.
Neylin Calderon

I work in articulation with institutes, centers and administrative areas

URACCAN authorities and the coordination of the Center for Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship "Slilma" met to organize the support team that will be accompanying the 16 students who will participate in the Latin American Innovation Rally, 2020 edition.

Dr. Enrique Cordón, vice-chancellor of the Bilwi compound, stated that guidance from URACCAN Rectory will provide special accompaniment to participants, because from this space it is intended to "develop mental, innovative and creative skills in the student community", he said.

While Heydi Forbes, coordinator of the Slilma Intercultural Community Center, said that the formation of the support teams is to motivate them, because the Rally is an intensive innovation, because "in 28 hours they will seek solution to innovation challenges".

The team will consist of Luis Gutiérrez, collaborator of the Slilma, the teacher Charles Mclean, coordinator of the System of Information Technology and Institutional Communication (SITICI), who will be in charge during the 28 hours of accompanying in the installation of computers, access to the platform and video.

Also, for the accompaniment of students and by the Institute of Intercultural Communication, will be the teacher Neylin Calderón and Misael Borge, to support in video editing; The Licda. Ada Rodríguez, Student Welfare Manager, to collaborate on teamwork and stress management; and teacher Anny Marley, coordinator of the Center for Multi-ethnic Women's Studies and Information, to provide them with information on the Intercultural Gender Perspective.

Forbes explained that including URACCAN's cross-cutting axis on the Intercultural Gender Perspective is to add extra to the solutions posed in innovation challenges, "to make it known that we are a different university," he concluded.

URACCAN General Committee and agencies funding the event

The entire process of monitoring, training and accompaniment for the Rally will be carried out by a General Committee, guided by Rectory of URACCAN and consisting of the following areas: Center for Studies and Information of Multi-ethnic Women (CEIMM), Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI), Student Welfare, Directorate of External Cooperation, Academic Directorate, Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN) and SITICI. This entire interdisciplinary team is coordinated by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Directorate.

This event is sponsored by the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme (CARCIP), implemented by Telcor, with funding from the World Bank, and the Norwegian Student and Academic International Assistance Fund (SAIH).