Start preparation process for students from the Las Minas venue who will participate in Rally 2020
Ing. Joel Montenegro reported that the venue has an activity plan that he will develop with students.
José Garth Medina

Promoting the young talent of the Caribbean Coast

In an arduous preparation process are the 32 students from Bonanza, Rosita, Waslala and Siuna who make up the headquarters of URACCAN Las Minas who will participate in the Latin American Innovation Rally 2020, to be held on October 2 and 3. At the same time, other groups that will be part of this international event are being trained at the Bluefields, Bilwi and New Guinea venues.

This was expressed by Ing. Joel Montenegro, coordinator of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship area of URACCAN Las Minas. He also reported that the venue has a coordination team that will provide accompaniment to the student

Montenegro also assured that a plan of activities that will be being developed with each of them has been developed to provide them with the basic tools that enable them to participate successfully in the international innovation event.

Expectations of enterprising college students

URACCAN students in Rosita, Bonanza, Siuna and Waslala have expressed great enthusiasm for their participation and hope that the Rally will be a valuable experience to share and acquire new learnings.

Charly Bon is a miskito indigenous student from Sasha, a community in Puerto Cabezas, and is studying Intercultural Nursing in Siuna. Bon says he had doubts, but in the learning process he has managed to overcome fear and now hopes to gain more knowledge and apply them to the service of his people.

Shary Dania Monterrey Orellano arrived from Bonanza to Siuna to study at URACCAN. It ensures that it hopes to meet the challenges of the Rally, working collaboratively and avoiding stress. He's got a vision for his team to win at the rally.

Perla Marina Castro Altamirano, a fifth-year computer student, arrived in Siuna from her native Waslala. She is determined to do her best to help solve the problems of Latin American society based on the challenges that arise.  

Marvin Granados García studies Computer Science in Rosita and has the expectation of gaining more experience according to the challenges and being able to apply them in daily life.

URACCAN General Committee and agencies funding the event

The entire process of monitoring, training and accompaniment for the Rally will be carried out by a General Committee, guided by Rectory of URACCAN and consisting of the following areas: Center for Studies and Information of Multi-ethnic Women (CEIMM), Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI), Student Welfare, Directorate of External Cooperation, Academic Directorate, Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN) and System of Information Technology and Institutional Communication (SITICI). This entire interdisciplinary team is coordinated by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Directorate.

This event is sponsored by the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme (CARCIP), implemented by Telcor, with funding from the World Bank, and the Norwegian Student and Academic International Assistance Fund (SAIH).