The Second Interinstitutional League culminates

By: Jose Garth Medina

The team of taxi drivers was crowned champions of the II interinstitutional league dedicated to Dr. Alta Hooker, defeating the National Police 14x10 in the fifth and decisive game held on the multipurpose field of URACCAN Las Minas on their campus in Siuna.

Floripón's team beat URACCAN in the women's category with a score of 15 x13 and thus become the champions of the interinstitutional league.

Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, rector of URACCAN, who cannot attend the close of the league, due to commitments at Bluefields, sent her greeting to all the athletes who participated in this league, said Leonor Ruiz Calderón, Ph.D., vice-chancellor of this venue.

Society-university linkage

The second edition of the interinstitutional league is carried out with the aim of having a link between the university and the society of Siuna, one of the fundamental pillars of this house of higher education, said Vice-Chancellor Ruiz Calderón.

Here's how we tell you the start of the league: They open the second season of interinstitutional league of URACCAN Las Minas

"Receive the greeting of our rector Alta Hooker Blandford, to whom this league was dedicated for her contribution to culture, sport and higher education on Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast," said the vice-chancellor who to others sent her thank you and congratulations to the 14 teams present in this league.

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The vice-chancellor congratulated the Floripón and URACCAN champions and runners-up, the Taxi drivers and the National Police champions and runners-up, all of them have been champions because they have given everything on the ground, receive congratulations from our rector.

Leadership in the women's category

The league's bat champion was Estela Sánchez de Floripón with a 642 average, Jendraly Dinkin was the connected doubles champion of the National Police with 9, Jonaysi Bendlis was the triple-time champion connected to the National Police with 7, Gladys Espinoza of URACCAN was the home run champion with 10, Estela Sánchez was champion in RBIs with 40 Erika Herrera de Wany was champion in runs scored with 47, Sotchil Rastran is the hit champion connected to 39 Floripón, Dania Vega of URACCAN is the champion in stolen bases with 44,Mileydi Pastora de Floripón was champion pitcher and best effectiveness, Rosa Olivas was champion in punched punches in the league but was also the most valuable in the championship.

Male category leadership

The batting champion went to Erick Vílchez of the stars with 623 average and champion in RBIs with 42, Uriel Smith of the National Police is the doubles champion connected with 21, Eddy Reyes of the taxi drivers is champion in tripes connected with 9, the home run champion was Mauricio Calero of the Caribean team with 7, Bismarck Carrasco of the National Police was the champion in runs scored with 39 URIEL Velasquez of URACCAN is the champion in hits connected with 45, Roberto Oporta of the National Police is the pitcher champion with 13 won and 3 losses, José Luis Orozco of the taxi drivers is the leader in ERA and Juan López is leader in punched strikeouts of the stars with 33.