Paths traveled in research

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN, expressing its Intercultural Community approach, has managed to advance the paths of internationalization, being active members of the National Council of Universities (UNC), the Higher Council of Universities of Central America (CSUCA) and also being a fundamental part of the Network of Indigenous, Intercultural and Community Universities of Abya Yala (RUIICAY), where our honorable rector Alta Hooker Blandford, is coordinator.

In addition, this study house has several informative and research journals that reflect the prestige and hard work that it has done during these 25 years of academic training, that is why, since the feeling of URACCAN and RUIICAY, its own method of research was created called Cultivation and Aging of Wisdom and Knowledge (CCRISAC), which aims to carry out its own research that underpins the work of indigenous peoples , Afro-descendants and half-breeds from all over Latin America, respecting their cultures, their beliefs, knowledge and knowledge typical of the territories.

In this sense, during the realization of two cohorts of the International Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication with Gender Approach, CCRISAC was brought to practice, having excellent results in the research of graduates of this master's degree.

CCRISAC, methodological implementation

TrainingFor the implementation of CCRISAC, as a relatively new research method, training must be carried out first to the coordinators of the different areas, then to teachers and finally to all the students of the different campuses of the URACCAN, in this way the entire university community will be involved with this methodology, and then train professionals with a focus , intercultural community belonging and relevance.

Against this stage, URACCAN, in its Bilwi venue, will hold an extensive workshop with teachers from different areas on the implementation of CCRISAC, facilitated by master Carlos Velasquez, in collaboration with teacher Neylin Calderón, both graduates of the International Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication with Gender Approach, II Cohort, this activity began on Wednesday, July 31 and is intended to culminate on November 09 of this year , with the presentation of a scientific article.

According to Professor Rosa Palacios Rizo, coordinator of the postgraduate research area on this campus, this activity is carried out in order to strengthen human talents in research processes to contribute in the implementation, in advising both students, as well as other teachers, emphasized.