Starts interview process for English courses at URACCAN Waslala extension
Waslala youth who are participating in the interview process to access URACCAN English courses.
José Garth Medina

URACCAN will have a total of 45 students: 15 from Rosita, 15 from Waslala and 15 from Siuna to be trained in the English language

This week the interviews began to be conducted with the applicants of the English course offered by URACCAN in articulation with Telcor, executed by the CARCIP program in the Waslala extension, reported the master's degree Rosidani Molina, coordinator of that university headquarters.

The coordinator explained 20 applicants will be interviewed and that deals with a training and certification course in the English language, focused on the IT/ITES industry for the intermediate-advanced level (B1-B2), taught by the English Training Center and URACCAN, so that students can work in the call centers and other opportunities.

The interviews are conducted by the English teachers, Mr. Jefferson López Pauth and Mr. José Concepción Guido, who will ensure the integration of the applicants. URACCAN Waslala has managed to get two of its graduate English students to be called by IBEX to sign contract and work with that company in Managua.

First graduate hired by IBEX

One of URACCAN's young graduates in the Waslala extension has already signed a contract. His name is Jefferson Domingo López Pauth, who claims that it was not easy to learn English, but that he entered URACCAN to study the bachelor's degree, then did the English course he teaches URACAN with CARCIP and from there he was called to work in Managua.

Young Pauth will go through a training process that will last three to six weeks. "I didn't expect this offer, but I think it's very good because I like the challenge, because I'm going to improve my English a lot, I'm going to meet more people, know more about telecommunication, said the optimistic boy of Waslala.

Jefferson recommends that English course contenders focus on their language speaking and listening skills, and try to be as natural as possible. "It took me two years to understand and talk about it, to understand it is easy, the hardest thing is to talk about it, so I recommend that you practice it and it's not because it's difficult, but because there's a fear of getting it wrong and making fun of one," López Pauth said.

Teacher Rosa Montenegro, coordinator of the area of Education Sciences and Languages of URACCAN Las Minas said that in Siuna the interviews are taking place and they already have 38 applicants, in Waslala they started this week and will soon be performing the same process in Rosita.

URACCAN will have a total of 45 students: 15 from Rosita, 15 from Waslala and 15 from Siuna to be trained in English courses.