URACCAN and Minsa sign letter of understanding to support Bilwi medical staff
The vice-chancellor of the Bilwi compound, PhD. Enrique Cordón, and the director of Nuevo Amanecer Hospital, Dr. Gerson Zamora.
Neylin Calderon

Mental health and resilience assistance to frontline staff at Covid-19

URACCAN, through Vice-Chancellor of the Bilwi Campus, and the Bilwi Ministry of Health, represented by Dr. Gerson Zamora, signed a letter of understanding to conduct therapeutic sessions to frontline health personnel facing the COVID-19 pandemic, which begin on Thursday afternoon and are coordinated by the Center for Multitechnical Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URAC).

Teacher Anny Marley, CIS coordinator of the Bilwi compound, explained that the objective of the letter of understanding is to "contribute to the mental health of health personnel who have been on the front line of contagion in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic through mutual aid and resilience sessions," as reflected in the first clause of that document.

Coordinations that pay the care of the company

The authorities of the two institutions were grateful to coordinate such activities that strengthen the mental health of health personnel and help society at large. In this sense, the vice-chancellor of the compound, Enrique Cordón, stated that URACCAN has always worked hand in hand with the Ministry of Health, now more on the whole theme of the pandemic.

"All recommendations and prevention measures have been oriented to us from the Ministry of Health towards the university," Cordón said.

For his part, Dr. Gerson Zamora, director of the New Dawn Hospital, said that because Minsa is aware of the good partnership that remains with the university, "many regional processes that we have been working on have been in contact with the corresponding instances in order to strengthen the health system's care processes," he emphasized.

Finally, the Licda. Emilia Peralta, legal representative of the workers of the Nuevo Amanecer Hospital in Bilwi, celebrated this formal union between the Minsa and URACCAN. "Since we started this global pandemic, it was a major concern for the Ministry of Health, more so in that unit because we did not have many people to cover this very delicate part of the population (...); our staff, even though they are professionals, are also human beings who need to be cared for," said the mental health nurse.

It is important to mention that the CEIMM of this campus aims to hold several therapeutic sessions involving both URACCAN staff and health personnel of the Ministry of Health, this is done in coordination with psychologists from the city of Bilwi. On Thursdays and Fridays at the conference center of Kabu Payaska restaurant this session will be held with the staff of the New Dawn Hospital.