Train teachers and students of the Waslala extension in the use of the URACCAN virtual platform
Accounting Students during the training, taught by Mr. Douglas Gutierrez, responsible for Technical Support.
José Garth Medina

Strengthening knowledge and skills in the use of educational technologies

Second-year accounting students and URACCAN teachers in the Waslala extension received training on the use and management of the virtual platform in the teaching-learning process, which aims to strengthen their knowledge and skills to ensure the success of this study house's educational program.

In response, Mr. Douglas Gutiérrez, Head of Technical Support at Waslala, explained that the virtual platform is one of the important tools of URACCAN, to ensure the programmatic advancement of teachers and the fulfillment of students, especially in this context of COVID-19, which is more in virtuality.

José Concepción Guido Barrera, professor schedule URACCAN Waslala, said that the use and management of this tool has allowed to provide support to students, allowing to acquire new skills, recognizing the different teaching models that benefit and strengthen the educational process.

URACCAN, from its model of Intercultural Community University and within its processes of strengthening and development, constantly updates its entire team from teachers, administrators and students, so that they can develop skills that allow them to better develop their institutional responsibilities.