Weaving the structure of the student community

By: Jose Garth Medina

Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, rector of the First Intercultural Community University in Latin America, URACCAN highlighted the leadership of the student movement of this house of intercultural higher education, a process that has been built over time, "weaving is to build with needle and thread a model of what we decided to do, but it does not always go well, that is why we have to re-weave and re-build and thus it has been forging the student movement URACCAN," Hooker said.

Entrepreneurial leaders

The rector of URACCAN stated during the closing of the VIII Student Congress, held on the Siuna campus, that each of the university's former UNEN leaders continue to maintain their leadership, as well as currently hold positions of relevance in the territories of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast.

Faced with this, Dr Hooker mentioned as models of perseverance and overcoming former student leaders, among them, "Ulysses Loáisiga works with the FSLN in Mulukuku, William Flores in URACCAN's external cooperation, Elsa Maria Robres, is an administrative assistant from New Guinea, Edwin Caldera is an entrepreneur from his advertising materials company and one of the suppliers of URACCAN" , the rector detailed.

Also, "Kelsha Salazar, is responsible for taxation of the mayoralty of the Mouth in the South Caribbean, Emilse Gaitán, is responsible for student welfare in Waslala, Rigoberto Rostrán is a teacher of URACCAN Bluefields, Moses Castro is a teacher in New Guinea, Yeltsin Alvarez, has assumed the reconstruction of the ecotourism laboratory in Bluefields, the restaurant Aunt Irene and Deylin Tórrez is a teacher of URACCAN Las Minas" Hooker explained.

Strengths of student movements

One of the strengths for which the student movement has consolidated is due to past struggles, in this regard, the rector said that UNEN's former leaders "conducted leadership in URACCAN at much more complex times than now and consolidating the student movement was not easy, as Law 89 says the student movement is organized according to the territory" Highlighted.

Hooker, highlighted the participation of the student community that make up the four campuses and the four extensions of URACCAN, who are positioned by their own interests and development processes of each territory to which they belong, "the work of the students is fundamental to the development", he also recalled one of the phrases presented by José Luis Solórzano, Departmental Political Secretary of the FSLN , who said "that URACCAN is very important to each of the territories, he said that UNEN is the hope of the nation and I believe that, I really believe, from the depths of my heart I urge you to continue that path, to concert and build together and together," she said.

URACCAN's strengths since Intercultural Communication

Rector Hooker Blandford explained to the participants of the VIII Student Congress, that since the university the intercultural communication team has been strengthened, starting from the communication laboratories, coordinated from the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI-URACCAN) and institutional outreach.

It is worth mentioning that among the strengths achieved by URACCAN has been the articulation of work between the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI-URACCAN) and institutional dissemination, in addition to the strengthening with transmission teams to the Intercultural Community Channel, channel 5 of URACCAN in the Bilwi campus, who has responded positively in the visibility of the institutional work.

Hooker, mentioned that "another strength that URACCAN has, is that it has an intercultural communication team, managed by the master's degree Yulmar Montoya who is the director of Institute of Intercultural Communication that is in his doctorate and now assumes that responsibility the master's degree Gilberto Artola García who runs the Radio URACCAN Siuna and is also managing the intercultural communication of URACCAN" , the rector highlighted.

In addition, the rector mentioned the agreement from the university with the North Caribbean Regional Government."Channel 22, administered by the Autonomous Regional Government of the North Caribbean Coast in Bilwi, is being strengthened with state-of-the-art teams, as our strategic partners on the issue of communication," Hooker said.

At the end, he mentioned the strengthening of the entire intercultural communication team where they propose as main objectives to make institutional work visible, "those who are responsible for projecting all the activities on social networks that are ours", concluded Hooker Blandford.