Student movement in the current context

By: Neylin Calderón

The student movement, UNEN – URACCAN, has strengthened the student law spaces, as highlighted by Rúbel Chamorro, president of the guild, during his presentation held in the framework of the Eighth Student Congress of URACCAN held this Sunday on the Siuna campus, of the Las Minas Campus.

Chamorro's presentation was based on the role of the "Student Movement in the Current Context".

The student leader stressed that since the creation of student movements, spaces belonging to representatives of the URACCAN student community have been strengthened, "we are part of the committees that make up the University Council, such as the Economic, Academic, Regulatory Commission and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Commission," Chamorro said.

Contributions to institutional transformation

Chamorro also said that on the part of the active members of the student movement has led to social transformation processes, "contributing to academic, cultural and sporting development within the university with the support of our rector and external cooperation (SAIH) and with 6% constitutional", he said.

UNEN-URACCAN is also a permanent member of the National Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN) at the national level, "this being the highest student body in the country, such as the National Council of UNEN and the National Electoral Committee", chamorro reaffirmed.

International spaces that strengthen the student community

The student president explained that URACCAN's UNEN has been integrated into the Higher Council of Universities of Central America and the Caribbean (CSUCA), "has been articulating different activities in coordination with public universities, today we have participated in the Central American and Caribbean Festival (FICCUA) and very soon we will be participating in the Central American Games as an Intercultural Community University" Chamorro said.

In conclusion, Chamorro emphasized that the URACCAN Student Movement and Student Welfare are part of Central American instances involving the lives of university students, "we are participants in different networks that make up the Higher Council of Universities of Central America and the Caribbean (CSUCA), including the Federation of University Students of Central America and the Caribbean (FUECA), the Regional Council of Student Life (CONREVE) , who is the decision-making body of the Regional Student Life System (SIREVE)," he said.

It is important to mention that the Regional Student Life System (SIREVE) is the body in charge of making Central American Games, the Central American and Caribbean Festival (FICCUA), the Health Promoter and the University Volunteer Network, that is where the presidents of the student movements and directors of Student Welfare of 24 universities are active members, that is where URACCAN highlights their participation.