Psychology students promote prevention measures and emotional stability
Students of the third year of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts.
Josselyn Flores

Audiovisual is, in addition to an important Community contribution, a draft course.

Students of the third year of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts of the Bluefields campus promote prevention measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of the subject Community Practices. This week they recorded a video highlighting URACCAN's acting in the attention of the university community.

The university students of this house of intercultural higher education have added to the responsibility of promoting compliance with the standards established in the institutional protocol, implemented in the four enclosures and extensions to protect the entire URACCAN family.

The young psychologists, through their audiovisual, sent messages around the health emergency, emphasizing the importance of maintaining calm and acting responsiblely, practicing hand washing, the correct use of the mask and alcohol disinfection, both on campus and in their homes.

Importantly, the Bluefields Campus Outreach Team has supported Psychology students in these creative and community processes.

Community actions from classrooms

Bluefields' group of psychologists works, from each subject, on a community action that points to the emotional benefit of people.

In this regard, psychologist and teacher Marsha Cuadra explained that "we are motivating people to remain firm with each of the prevention measures; we are aware that the risk has not yet passed, so we aim to reach the population and raise awareness of their health."

"Students are central to collaboration and action strategies that promote good practices in the community," she added.

Other accompanying actions

As a team of intercultural psychologists they have developed a series of accompanying actions to contribute to the emotional health of teachers and students; as well as influencing the rest of the community.

Cuadra says that "from the area we have been working hard through messages and attention sessions, which can promote emotional stability and the functioning of work in this new environment that we must live in".