Institutional Planning trains the Student Welfare area of the Bilwi campus
Student Welfare members had the opportunity to create a new report format for their area.
Neylin Calderon

Integration of elements that form good institutional information

Master Abner Figueroa, coordinator of the Institutional Planning area of the Bilwi campus, trained members of the Student Welfare area on how to write an institutional management report. The participants were: the head of Culture, inspectors of the boarding school and the person responsible for the area.

Figueroa said that during the training emphasis was placed on those descriptive elements, assessment, explanation and evaluation that integrates the institutional report, on a certain activity to keep the university community well informed about institutional processes.

Also, Licda. Ada Rodríguez Chow, Student Welfare Manager, said that during the training it was possible to understand how to create plans, management and technical reports, and the means of verification required for each type of report, depending on the activity.

"It was aimed, above all, at what would be the right way to report activities from boarding school, and from culture, those things that are important inputs for the reports requested by the UNC and be able to meet those requirements satisfactorily, without leaving any space," Rodriguez said.

In turn, during the training process, Student Welfare members had the opportunity to create a new format for conducting the area's own reports. "In the end we practically conducted an exercise, a report that we delivered and, on that report, the boys were detecting what the weaknesses were, what should be changed and improved from what we have already built in order to do better," the licensee concluded.