Joyner Mercado, the young man who won the award for best teacher at the municipal and departmental level
Market: "I want to highlight the name of my university and demonstrate the quality of education I have received in my home of intercultural studies."
Algiers Hernandez

Delivery, discipline and perseverance make him the best teacher locally and departmentally

Standing very early and falling asleep late every day is already part of the daily life of Master Joyner Abel Mercado Blandón, a brilliant and propositional young man who, at only three years in teaching, has charted a path of success in the vocation to teach.

"I am a lover of teaching and knowledge," says the 25-year-old teacher from the Wani community, located 12 kilometres from the city of Siuna, North Caribbean.

Mercado Blandón is still a brilliant student of Agroforestry Engineering at URACCAN and recently won the contest "Master that inspires with his pedagogical practice 2020", launched by the Ministry of Education at the local and departmental level.

Teaching, a family legacy

Mercado is the son of two renowned masters at the municipal level: master Martín Mercado Guido and teacher Lucila Blandón Muñoz, both from the Wani community, from this Caribbean municipality.

"That my parents and most of my uncles are teachers, has greatly influenced me to take this path," says Mercado, who since childhood dreamed of teaching.

"I wanted to be a teacher, but not a traditional teacher, but to implement in classes: strengths, skills and skills in my students," describes the young educator.

Beginnings of your professional preparation

He studied his primary school at the Andrés Castro school, in the community of Wani #2 or Pablo Abeda, from 2001 to 2006, later attended the Instituto Sabatino Flor de Pino, in the Empalme La bu community, from 2007 to 2011.

Nothing could stop this young man's desire to overcome, so his parents decided to send him to the city of Siuna, where he began his university studies with the Agroforestry Engineering career, URACCAN, in 2012.

I wanted to be a missionary priest

He interrupted his university studies in 2013 to travel to Leon, then decided to go through a process of vocational discovery and eligible for priestly life, however his process did not have the expected result, so he returned and resumed his career in 2014.

Currently, Mercado Blandón is about to finish his career, through undergraduate examination. "In addition to my career, I studied Teaching and Technical in Agronomy, that has given me a lot of learning and personal and professional experience," he says.

Key support to achieve your goals

Mercado traces its traces in teaching since 2018, in the Catholic educational center Maura Clarke, in the municipality of Siuna, North Caribbean, where it provides regular primary education, accelerated primary modality extra third cycle, fifth and sixth.

He recounts that the key to achieving his goals has been God's blessing and the support of his parents, who have been with Him at all times.

I want to mark my own tracks

"Teachers leave an indelible mark on the history of each of their students;  they teach, protect, present new horizons, encourage critical spirit, help beyond their disciplines, foster social ties, and play a fundamental role in the lives of their students," explains Mercado, who has exceeded all their expectations.

" Becomes the winner of the contest at the local and departmental level is a strength and opportunity to move forward on the educational path," says the young teacher.

University contributions in teaching career

The promise of teaching in the municipality of Siuna points to and appreciates the academic training it has received from URACCAN.

"Nothing would have been possible without my professional preparation at university, I have been trained in language skills and abilities (English language), the art of research (research methodology) and natural resources, including my participation in festivals, anniversaries and other cultural activities," Mercado says.

Participation in the contest at the national level

Mercado points out that "participating in the national contest gives me many expectations and I hope to give my best, I want to highlight the name of my university, I want to position my municipality and demonstrate the quality of education that I have received in my house of intercultural studies, URACCAN".

A lot of demand

Mercado Blandón is defined in three things: dedication, discipline and perseverance. "I spend many hours in the early morning and evening to read and plan the class, as well as research and study for my completion of studies," Says Mercado.      

It's not easy; you have to prepare cardboard, computer, maps, read, especially many pedagogical documents, including the National Basic Pedagogy Curriculum," he explains.

Teachers who inspired him

"I am inspired by outstanding teachers in the municipality of Siuna: Professor Julia Argoello of URACCAN, teacher Ana Lazo Alvarez and teacher Melba Salgado, three people who excel in teaching and inspire me to improve day by day," says the grateful young man.

His noble aspiration

Mercado dreams of becoming a better teacher, where the dreams that many teachers wanted to achieve can be reflected.

"I want to continue to professionalize in teaching, it is my passion, I hope one day I will be given the opportunity to study a master's degree or a doctorate to specialize and jump into higher education," Mercado aspires.