URACCAN and Siuna Hospital sign letter of understanding

By: José Garth Medina

URACCAN, 25 years working for indigenous, Afro-descendant and mixed-race peoples of the Caribbean Coast, reaffirms its commitment to social, community and intercultural accompaniment, which manifests the university's link with society, in seeking answers to the problems and needs of the region and the country.

In this sense, the Intercultural Community University, signed a letter of understanding with the Carlos Centeno Hospital, siuna, in order that students of Social Sciences with Mention in Local Development and Intercultural Nursing, can carry out their internships in that care center, the signature was made through the corresponding representations, by URACCAN, the vice-chancellor of the Las Minas campus , Leonor Ruiz, and by the siuna hospital, Mr. Idania Siles.

Exchange of knowledge and doing

Letter signatureThese processes create twinning ties between institutions or organizations and URACCAN, which strengthens mutual work, and in this specific case "Our students can perform their pre-professional practices in this hospital, which strengthens the knowledge of our students," Dr. Leonor Ruiz said.

In addition, Ruiz noted that the students of Social Sciences with Mention in Local Development and the students of intercultural nursing are the ones who will be doing their internships in this hospital.

This letter of understanding aims to regulate the development of internships, so that the logistics of transferring skills for the collection of surgical indicators at the Carlos Centeno Hospital in Siuna are continued. The document was signed in the Wasakin Hall in the Las Minas precinct on Monday, June 29, 2019 and lasts for six renewable months.

URACCAN has been signing agreements and letters of understanding with different local actors of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, in order to strengthen inter-agency relations, which allow to contribute with research processes, training, accompaniment and relevance with each of the actors.

Photos: Dayling Torres.