Inter-agency efforts to strengthen the regional processes of the Caribbean Coast
Articulation session at URACCAN Bluefields enclosure
Articulation session at URACCAN Bluefields enclosure
Josselyn Flores

For two days, in URACCAN Bluefields campus, an important working session was held between different institutional institutions of the university and the government bodies of the region within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the Regional Government of the South Caribbean Coast (GRACCS), the Autonomous Regional Council of the South Caribbean Coast (CRACCS) and this house of intercultural higher education.

The main objective was to articulate and consolidate the annual operational plans by each of the instances to implement actions for the strengthening of regional processes in the region.

In this regard, after the sessions were concluded, each committee presented its plan to the other committee members to learn about the actions to be taken soon from each institution.

Results achieved in the session

In this regard, Ing. Elvis Calero, coordinator of External Cooperation in the premises, stated that "it was two satisfactory days in which we worked under this collaboration agreement, this exchange has come to strengthen the work articulated with the members of the committees; in the committee on cross-cutting issues we addressed in a general way some topics and had designed that the other committees of specific themes would coincide with our ideas, which shows us that we are pointing to the same thing, the common interest of institutional strengthening from the issue of intercultural education, the gender perspective, from management and how we articulate ourselves to create solid impacts on the contribution of regional autonomy and not to bend efforts" Referred.

"We have this accompaniment from Dr. Alta Hooker, our rector, who urges us and aims to work in articulation with government bodies, with communal and territorial governments in order to project us as that intercultural community university." Added

For his part, Franklin Brooks, technical director of GRACCS, noted that the work of these days resulted in defining some specific lines based on some priority criteria of strategic guidelines approved in the Convention.

"Among the main criteria is that these results can be worked with the resources we have from the three institutions, which are action plans that can be implemented this year, and maximum in two years, to have products verified from different aspects such as health, education, institutional strengthening, environment, among others," the official concluded.