Students of Intercultural Medicine and Psychology in Multicultural Contexts

By: Neylin Calderón

The area of Health Sciences of URACCAN in the Bilwi campus, held the first assembly with students of the psychology career in multicultural contexts and Intercultural Medicine, with the purpose of reflecting on the mission, vision, cross-cutting axes, values, principles, academic offer and student regulations of part of this institution of intercultural higher education.

Similarly, the student community expressed its greatest interest in starting a new school year, and thanked the teachers in the area of Health Sciences for making known the thinkum of the careers, the subjects they will be teaching per year and the welcome by the authorities, that demonstrated the commitment and unity that exists among the faculty with the student.

Familiarization and recognition from the Health Sciences

According to Dr. Ivania López, coordinator of the area, these assemblies are made every year, "there we make known everything about institutional philosophy, in addition we present the faculty and the academic offer, students participate in the topic of student regulation, some important points that in the course of the semester are deepened with the regulations" Explained.

López also assured that these assemblies serve to make new students familiar with the university's educational processes, and also released the average since the Intercultural Medicine career, "with these recognitions to the best two students in the medical career we have an average above 90%," she said.

In this sense, the two best students of the Intercultural Medicine career, the young John James Goff Flores of the VI year and the student Jessica Lillieth Ruiz Taylor of the second year were given recognitions.

Finally, the coordinator reported that there are an average number of students in the two careers above 250, "the first two years of both Medicine and Psychology are entering 50 students, there we add the second to 4th year of Psychology and Second Medicine until boarding school, so right now, right now in the two races we could have about 250 students" Concluded.