URACCAN conducts monographic profile review

By: Neylin Calderón

The psychology career commission, in multicultural contexts of URACCAN, at its Bilwi university campus met with graduate students of the career to review monographic profiles with the purpose of selecting topics that are relevant to the Good Living and Living Well of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast, thus fulfilling the institutional philosophy of this house of higher education.

According to the graduate Teisey Allen, coordinator of the career, there are about 20 students who are receiving the Research Colloquium, "this in order to comply with the plan that we have made as an area to ensure graduation," confirmed the teacher.

Themes with intercultural approaches

Similarly, Allen highlighted the relevance of the different topics that students propose for their monographs, "among the most interesting are, studies on sexist violence, we have studies related to substance use, some related to mental health in a specific group or town, as well as their treatments", he said.

In this context, students were enthusiastic about presenting their proposals for research topics that lead to the well-being of the Nicaraguan Caribbean population. Allen stressed the importance of these topics "including our axes as a university, which have the Intercultural Gender Perspective and that's why we have them working in groups," he explained.

Finally, Allen, assured that since the student perception has been a great contribution to his ideas of choice of topics "students have felt very comfortable, they have expressed a lot of tranquility because they feel that in these spaces they can manage to define many things, that perhaps as a commission we give the observations, these spaces is for the boys to meet the requirements of the university. Also, understand what they want to investigate," she concluded.