By: Josselyn Flores

Articulating institutional work with the different academic areas, was the objective of the second Ordinary Session of the University Council of Campus, (CUR), of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (URACCAN), at its headquarters Bluefields.

In this sense it began with the reflection of the mission and vision of this house of intercultural higher studies, to strengthen the institutional philosophy of the academic guild that participates.

Just as each of those present analyzed the context that is lived in society at the international, national, regional level, in the same way from the institutional level.

In the analysis, teacher Neydi Gutierrez raised the importance of taking an intercultural, gender-focused perspective on what is happening in our environment and with the indigenous peoples of the region.

Agenda points

Among the agenda items were the presentation of the work plan of the Eradication and Discrimination Commission, as well as the Tapir Conservation project in Autonomous Territories of Nicaragua.

In the same context, the report of the English course programme (CARCIP) was presented by Diana Aristhomene, as well as the presentation of the risk management commission plan, by teacher Luvy Hernandez.