Economic teachers evaluate development of face-to-face and virtual classes
Teachers in the economic area will analyze the situation of students individually.
José Garth Medina

Teachers from the area of Administrative and Economic Sciences of URACCAN Las Minas held a meeting to evaluate the teaching-learning process in the first weeks of the second academic semester 2020, MSc reported. Aura Maria Gonzales, area coordinator.

Teachers in the area conducted a series of analyses on the different careers of the economic area, addressing the problems that students are having with access to the URACCAN virtual platform, for reasons of connectivity and other natures.

The Fausto Rayo Montoya master's degree, a time teacher in the area, reported that several things were discussed with the theme of virtual and face-to-face classes. "Some students are not doing their part to submit tasks and others who pose virtual platform access issues because they don't have good phones, others because the network is bad in the communities where they live and others because they don't have computers, and it was raised that some were making it easier to use other apps to move forward with the development of their classes" Montoya explained.

For his part, the exhibition Julia Argoello Mendieta, support teacher, said that a general analysis of what was addressed at the meeting was made and highlighted the importance of convincing students to continue in their classes using various technological means and not force the use of the platform, because some have trouble accessing.

The teacher Argoello Mendieta assured that she has taken a number of actions to allow students to be active in her classes, using other applications, such as mail and WhatsApp, which are easy to use.

Teacher Aura María Gonzales stated that several agreements were reached, including: continuing reflections, evaluations and analysis of institutional philosophy during the development of academic processes, taking into account the context and health measures before the pandemic. In addition, he assured that the situation of students will be analyzed individually in the development of each of the subjects in face-to-face and virtual mode, for decision-making according to academic regulations.