Articulating actions together

By: Keydi Bent

"Working in networks", was the theme addressed by Leonel Góndola, representative of the OneCA Youth Secretariat, during the XV Meeting of Young African-Americans and the Diaspora, held in URACCAN Bluefields venue. Gondola mentioned that one of the objectives of these meetings is "to search young people for the things that identifies them with others from other countries, so that they can work that network in Central America so that they can carry out the activities in consensus and diversified in all the countries involved in a structured way", he enhanced.

Gondola further mentioned that another of the common items is a missing objective, "we must look at the strategic part; What strategy can we use for what we want to do as ONECA and as a Youth Secretariat? We want this to reach all the Afro peoples of Central America, because there is often a divorce between the organizations and young people who participate in the meeting with the community in which they live, because they come to meet and when they leave then they come and do not have an organization or do not belong to a group, in which they told you can go , go but it's not tied to the process, so if it's looking for a strategy for the processes to be fulfilled," he added.

Articulation objectives

Working in networksThe main objective of this topic addressed is that young people need to identify the problems they have been drawing in the course of the meeting, a precise and concise approach that will obtain results that they can implement in each of their countries.

According to Gondola, ONECA and youth carried out an action plan in 2008 and with the data resulting from this meeting, to be able to update it for 2019, "this based on the approaches presented by the participants. This strategy is also about systematizing by region and that with all these points addressed have a planning of the African Central American Youth," he added.    

In conclusion, the representative called for young people and their representations to make the agreements taken during the meetings a reality, taking concrete action, both in their countries and at the regional level.