Innovating with Identity

By: Juan Polanco Hern√°ndez

Initiating with a group dynamic, to identify the level of organization and socialization of the Central American delegates of the XV Meeting of The African-Central American Youth and the Diaspora. During this dynamic, teacher Heydi Forbes, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at URACCAN Bilwi, received her opinions on the issue of innovation from all participants.

According to Forbes, "Innovation is creating something new, or improving something, but in a meaningful way", emphasizing that it can be applied to methodologies, ways of living, products, etc. Without stagnating in a single concept, since innovation can be applied to everything and everyone.

DynamicIn addition, Forbes continued to mention the progress that has been made since innovation, such as technological advances, "Because people realized that they were products that could be improved, changed and that could be innovated," he added.

Forbes also commented that we must continue with a process of transformation, without falling behind, knowing the objectives and purposes, both own and collective, so that new and better things are created, from the spaces in which each one performs.

"Innovation requires research, education is needed," she concluded, adding that the necessary tools and time must be used to educate hem, especially in an age as technological as ours.