Young people begin their process of professionalization at URACCAN
Young in-house scholarships at URACCAN Bluefields precinct
Young in-house scholarships at URACCAN Bluefields precinct
Josselyn Flores

Experiences and dreams of professionalization

Janina Swarth Humpherys and Walter Gonzáles Jarquín, who graduated last year as technicians in Agroforestry, are two of the eight young internal scholarships who have come from the Center for Environmental and Agroforestry Technical Education Wawashang (Cetaaw) of Fadcanic, and are currently starting their professional training with the propedeutic course 2021 in URACCAN Bluefields campus, to become agroforestry engineers and engineers.

About students

Janina Swarth is a young creole from the community of Khakabila, in the municipality of Laguna de Perlas, at the age of 18 she has begun her process of professionalization to contribute to the strengthening of her community and the peoples of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.

According to Swarth, one of his purposes is to contribute to the change of environmental awareness in society and more in his community, as it is considered an important place in natural riches.

"I want people in my community to realize the riches we have, which are important and must be cared for and protected, we must stop polluting our beaches," she said

For his part, Gonzáles comments that he decided to continue his studies in this environmental branch "because I am passionate about the countryside, having a little recreation among colleagues, but also know more about those environmental issues that involve us all", he explained.

"In the future, as a professional, my goal is to contribute with research that raises awareness, one of the issues that afflicts us is waste, which also makes our water resources contaminated," he explained.

With these goals and dreams these boys feel the motivation to learn new knowledge in this house of intercultural higher education, and to be people of good, entrepreneurial and humanist sense, who manage to fulfill the mission and vision of this institution, to contribute to their peoples, in balance and harmony with Mother Earth.