Opening of the 2021 school year with briefing at URACCAN Bilwi venue
Briefing with students of the propedeutic course
Briefing with students of the propedeutic course
Neylin Calderon

Academic methodologies and security protocols

On the morning of this Monday, January 11, 2021, an informational assembly was held with first-income students, who started the proposed course, to be part of the student community during this 2021 school year. The activity set out the academic methodologies for this new year, in addition to the institutional security protocols that are implemented as a prevention measure before Covid-19.

Dr. Enrique Cordón, vice-chancellor of URACCAN Bilwi Precinct, gave the words of welcome to students who have come to this university campus to qualify for the careers offered by this house of intercultural higher education, "to those who are facing this new challenge, to welcome you and to remind you that URACCAN is the university that is open to each of you , a university for the peoples of the Caribbean Coast. URACCAN is also one of the best universities in the country," he said.

In turn, Cordón disclosed to the student on hygiene and safety measures implemented in URACCAN enclosures and extensions, as a way to prevent the contagion and spread of Covid-19, "Coronavirus is present and we have to learn to live with this, which means that prevention measures must be implemented" , the vice-chancellor noted.

Finally, the academic expressed that the student community is the seed of a promising future for the peoples of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, "as such, it is our responsibility as a university to give you the best education so that you can develop," Cordón said.

On the propedeutic course and the common semester

For her part, the teacher Ivonne McLean, academic secretary of the campus, stated that the Propedeutic Course scheduled for this 2021, is being carried out with the aim of diagnosing the knowledge, attitudes and skills of the student, as well as strengthening basic knowledge in Mathematics, Oral and Written Communication, as well as learning more about URACCAN with the Module of Institutional Philosophy and concluding with the Vocational Guidance module.

In addition, McLean reported that the 2021 academic offer will be released in depth at the vocational fair, where they will be given a free test to know what career is chosen according to their vocation.

"By this year URACCAN has also considered the common semester, considering that students had many limitations in 2020, because of the pandemic classes were suspended at some point, then hurricanes came, and students were receiving their classes virtually," she said.

Finally, Rubel Chamorro, president of the URACCAN Student Movement, appeared before the student community, and detailed some basic services offered by UNEN-URACCAN in this compound, also recalled the use of masks and physical estating in transportation units.