URACCAN's new Guinea venue staff shares her experience as an entrepreneur
Sobalbarro has 7 years of work at URACCAN.
Neylin Calderon

Virtual session: The Pauth-Nails beauty salon experience as an effective service venture

Joel Montenegro, coordinator of the Kiulna Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, defined "as a warrior" the teacher Greysi Sobalbarro, who, through a virtual session organized by the innovation and entrepreneurship area of URACCAN, presented her experience of the beauty salon Pauth-Nails as an effective service venture.

Greysi, who is 7 years old as a URACCAN civil service member, is responsible for the Los Ranchitos Museum, in New Guinea, and has a beauty salon, where she does acrylic nail work, she has also currently undertaken in hair straightening in ladies.

In his speech, Sobalbarro was able to express that he began doing nail painting work by means of dating home, then came to have a small corner in his house, where he could serve his clients with more dedication, so far he has noticed that his constant commitment to grow, has managed to have better conditions in the field of infrastructure.

Strategies that improve entrepreneurial creativity

One of the great strategies that has achieved the growth of the Pauth-Nails salon has been the use of social networks, the socialization of different spaces where it has made its business known, such as the participation of fairs; Greysi also believes that it has so far expanded its clients' portfolio, because it provides them with better service.

In addition, Sobalbarro participates in constant training and updating in nail design trends, which makes it improve the stability of the business, in turn, through its Facebook page, performs numerous promotions and new offers for the acquisition of new clientele.

So far, teacher Greysi Sobalbarro has 5 international certifications of the Mia's Secret brand, which give added value to her entrepreneurial business.

In her allocution, the entrepreneur stated that she visions having better infrastructure conditions, creating a micro-enterprise to generate jobs for the community, as well as continuing to provide better services that increase women's self-esteem, "because getting dressed causes to look beautiful and makes every woman feel good," Sobalbarro Pao said.

Finally, the exhibitor thanked URACCAN, of course, for the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for creating these spaces that promote women's creativity, "I urge all women to follow their goals and dreams," she concluded.