URACCAN Bilwi enclosure promotes healthy habits through Zumba and hikes
URACCAN officials at the Bilwi compound during one of their walks.
Neylin Calderon

Teachers, staff and students from campus participate

As a way to perform healthy living practices, a group of students, officials and officials from URACCAN Bilwi campus have taken the initiative to perform exercises that lead to healthy habits. That is why, through the Culture area of this campus, it is done 3 days a week, 1 hour of zumba, where participants have committed to forget the daily stress through dance and exercise.  

Through dances to the rhythm of aerobics and zumba, a healthier body is achieved, and the physical and mental health of the university community is promoted. According to Rocky Maybeth, head of the Campus Culture area, this initiative has as its main purpose "promoting the practice of good living, most of the workers and teachers of the university spend more in the classrooms, focused on the work of their area, then zumba is a means to exercise through dance and thus keep the body healthy" , the instructor determined.

More than aesthetics, it is participated by health

While teacher Ivonne McLean, the campus's academic secretary and zumba team participant, said that being part of this challenge is to fulfill the responsibility of being healthy, "exercise is about seeking a healthy life and part of having that healthy life, aside from eating balanced, exercise helps prevent many diseases (...), more than aesthetically it's health and that's why we're promoting and we're being a part of process," the academic said.

Another participant is the Licda. Marbely Chacón, who assured that zumba is a very important exercise, because it promotes good health, both mentally and physically, "helps us to have a healthy body (...) now I don't feel those headaches, muscle aches anymore, so the door is open for those who want to get in," he said.

Similarly, both the instructor and participants urged the other members of the university community to team up with the campus zumba team, so that they can be part of the group that seeks, through healthy habits, a healthier life full of positivism.

"We've invited everyone, but I think it has to do with that positive attitude, being part of a process of health, physical health, mental health," McLean said.

Finally, Maybeth said this practice will continue until the end of the year, "focusing the process of dance, zumba, exercising, hiking, playing a sport, it's good, not always having a sedentary life," the instructor advised.

It should be mentioned, that from this enclosure there is also a team that after the long working days perform five kilometers of walking and short jogging, all this, to promote good practices of healthy living.