URACCAN Rector leads briefing with Bluefields campus college community
Dr. Hooker spoke with pride and enthusiasm about the young people who will represent URACCAN at the 2020 Latin American Innovation Rally.
Josselyn Flores

Officials of the Bluefields campus participate in general assembly, led by the excellent rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker. The objective of the same was to report on the working session held last week at the New Guinean compound, which brought together the authorities of this university.

The rector emphasized the commitment of this house of intercultural higher education to continue leading her university community on the path of education, even with virtual methodology.

"URACCAN hasn't stopped. We continue to move forward and continue to work until we are positioned in this virtuality," she said, urging teachers and campus staff to ensure innovative strategies to follow the university's Vision and Mission path.

"That's why we have our teachers and young people in virtual workshops in innovation, in robotics, to continue this process," Dr Hooker said.

In the same sense, officials were informed about the projects that have been being implemented in the territory, the advances in infrastructure, as well as the forthcoming opening of the Aunt Irene hotel and restaurant, which aims to be a reference in the culture of indigenous, mixed and Afro-descendant peoples of the Caribbean Coast.

"We want to inform you that the Aunt Irene hotel is an innovation project and a space that will radiate culture and knowledge," she said.

Likewise, with pride on the part of the rector, URACCAN students' participation in the Latin American Innovation Rally 2020 and the excitement that is experienced in terms of this magnificent event, in which students from all races will participate, who are being trained through workshops in each of the venues.

Hooker assured that there are four venues registered as URACCAN to participate in this international innovation competition, so accompaniment is provided to students who will participate in Rally, in order to strengthen their technological skills and soft skills, stress management and intercultural gender perspective.

This event is sponsored by Banco Munidal's Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP), in conjunction with Telcor of the Government of Nicaragua, and the Norwegian Student and Academic International Assistance Fund (SAIH).