Slilma Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center presents business models
These activities are promoted with the aim of consolidating the business ecosystem in the Caribbean region.
Neylin Calderon

Participation of 80 innovation managers

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Slilma", of URACCAN Bilwi enclosure, presented the business models after 6 courses were held for members of the active ecosystem in open innovation in digital topics with free certification, in which 80 innovation managers participated, from the municipalities of New Guinea, Siuna, Bluefields and Bilwi.

According to Heydi Forbes, coordinator of Slilma, "these proposals for online business models are made with the aim of developing and consolidating the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on digital transformation to contribute to the local development of ICT solutions, culturally appropriate to the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua".

Participants include: students from URACCAN, from different sectors and institutions of the State, such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Family Economy, National Institute of Technology, Bicu, local entrepreneurs and teachers.

In this regard, Forbes specified that "Open Innovation Centres require easily accessible technological tools to increase the digital capabilities of innovation managers through training and the general population with open awareness workshops, which are infaticating the importance of the use and access to new information technologies".