URACCAN completes Institutional Strategic Planning Workshop
URACCAN, Dr. Hooker said, is a different, horizontal university, and builds its processes together.
Judith Robleto

Authorities, trade union, administrative, teaching and study representatives, as well as directors of centers and institutes, have successfully completed a workshop that, from a glance on the path traveled over 26 years of URACCAN's life, constitutes the substantial basis for a new walk, projected 10 years by this house of knowledge.

In this sense, Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN, assured that the process of building and walking a 10-year plan, taking into account the context, "is a strong challenge and the approach is that we must start from our own structure as a university, because we are not a conventional university, we are a university that we have considered to be horizontal , that by conscience one is articulating and building this process together."

Hooker also said that "URACCAN is our life project, everyone at URACCAN has said is our life project, and that's what's going to help us build that path we've dreamed of; how we dream of seeing each other in 10 years is in the hands of each of us."

For his part, Master Adrián Puerta, Director of Institutional Planning, assured that "talking about the Intercultural Plan of Institutional Life, complies with one of the basic principles that URACCAN has, and is the participation, the collective construction of each of our processes".

That is why, says Master Puerta, "it has been necessary that, for the planning of 2021 to 2030, a whole process of consultation has been fed at all university levels, but also a space for consultation with both regional, national, international actors who have provided us with a whole amount of information on how they want to see URACCAN in the future".

The workshop, which lasted 3 intense days, was aimed at consolidating the Intercultural Community University Model, so that URACCAN is the best university in the country, in quality and relevance, and a continental reference for decolonization of higher education.

The university community of URACCAN is on the path of its fourth Institutional Strategic Plan 2021-2030, which constitutes a period of management of the growth and maturation of the intercultural community university model, based on consensus, mystique, co-responsibility, mutual learning, commitment and institutional loyalty, shared vision and unity in the diversity of its collective of multicultural human talents.