URACCAN, for student welfare
Conversation with students from New Guinea.
Judith Robleto

This Saturday, March 25, the Student Welfare Directorate of URACCAN New Guinea met with the student leadership and young interns in the university residence to follow up on the work that has been being done for the university youth community.

The accompanying work will generate an action plan by 2020. Teacher Yamilex Aguilar, student welfare coordinator at the campus, said that "the meeting, in addition to planning annual actions, tracked the activities of the university work, which involved speaking through a meeting with all the students living in the university residence; conversation strengthens the work of the area, as recommendations are given at some point."

For the teacher Lesther Molina, Director of Student Welfare, the dynamic of providing accompaniment is something that has been carried out in all territories and is with the aim of "improving the life of the student and, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we work on prevention with measures that are used and that these are abided by the student".

Molina says that "meetings have been held with the Student Welfare team, with the student movement, to see how we articulate efforts to conduct talks on prevention measures in the student."

One of the activities, in addition to meetings with coordinations, was the conversation with a group of more than 40 young people living in the university residence, providing spaces for them to express their concerns. Such is the case of Rolando Pérez, who travels from a community of El Castillo, Rio San Juan.

Perez, speaking on behalf of the student, stated that "we feel that we are working with Student Welfare, knowing that it is a privilege for us to be a resident with the improvements that have been made since the rooms, we feel family and committed to cleaning, mainly the gardens; all in coordination with coordination."

The university residence is a space conditioned to accommodate young students who come from places far from New Guinea and with the desire to conquer a university career.