URACCAN prepares to participate in the 2020 Latin American Innovation Rally
URACCAN officials, planning the participation of each of the venues in this international event.
Neylin Calderon

Virtual meeting to organize the event from the university's territories

This Friday afternoon, September 18, the second virtual meeting was held in the context of the preparation of the "Latin American Innovation Rally", to be held on October 02 and 03, in the four territories of this house of intercultural higher education, where representatives of the General Commission of the event participated, responsible for providing workshops to participants in the 4 venues of the URACCAN , coordinators and collaborators of the Centers for Innovation and Community Entrepreneurship.

According to Master Victor Zúñiga, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at URACCAN, this great event involves companies, territorial organizations, state institutions and non-governmental organizations, which are responsible for proposing the challenges.

"In this event will establish global challenges, local challenges, then the work teams are formed, remarkable people who can participate as jurors (they cannot be from URACCAN) are identified, at the end of the event several products must be secured (...); the evidence should be video-centric, it can be centered using the Canvas model, the novel proposals will be published on the Tik Tok network and the videos for up to 2 minutes on the Rally's YouTube channel," the director explained.

Preparations from the enclosures

In each URACCAN venue there is a team led by the coordinator of the Innovation Center in that territory, vice-chancellors, academic secretariats and other representatives of areas that will be responsible for conducting workshops that have to do with the following topics: Gender Intercultural Perspective, which will be in charge of the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM); development of short videos by the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI); stress management and teamwork in the area of Student Welfare; Innovation and canvas development Canvas, by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center or the Institutional Information and Communication Technology System (SITICI).

Elkis Ortega, coordinator of SITICI in the Las Minas campus, said that 8 teams were formed, 4 participants each, for a total of 32 students, there were left 2 places for high school students of the San Francisco parish institute of Asses and the Roger López Borge Institute, in addition to 3 places for each extension: Waslala, Bonanza and Rosita.

Mobilizations from the extensions will begin from September 28 to begin with an exchange of experience with participants in the first Latin American Rally that hosted the Siuna campus, and then continue with the workshops already scheduled, Ortega said.

Similarly, the New Guinea, Bluefields and Bilwi venue will have 4 teams with 4 participants each, workshops in these venues will begin next Monday, September 21 and due coordination is being made to include high school students, in addition to the search for the corresponding juries.

Crucial moments during the event

Nuria Gómez, representative of the general commission of the event, said that the whole program because it is very loaded, some participants come to have "moments of demotion and discouraging, that is why help is sought with the area of Student Welfare, which are usually represented by professionals in psychology", for that reason workshops are also being held to manage stress and teamwork Argued.

It should be noted that the working time of the teams to solve the challenge is 28 hours run, counted from the simultaneous opening of the competition in all venues, 2 hours for the correction and proclamation of winners of each Headquarters; 3 hours for the correction and proclamation of national winners, 72 hours after the end of the event the winners are announced at the Latin American level.

Zúñiga reported that from URACCAN there will be four venues, in each venue there will be two winning teams, "in the end there will be 8 teams winners, all participants will be given a certificate for being part of this magnificent event".

The organization of the Latin American Innovation Rally will be held by country, and will be in charge of the National Organizing Committee (CON) appointed by the National Association of Engineering Faculties, by participating universities or another organization that leads in the country.