URACCAN Bluefields venue prepares to participate in Latin American Innovation Rally
The 16 students who will participate in the Rally constitute a multidisciplinary team.
Josselyn Flores

URACCAN students prepare to participate in the Latin American Innovation Rally 2020, a competition where they must solve challenges based on real problems and propose creative solutions, in technological, social, environmental, organizational or artistic fields. For the first time, the Bluefields campus is organized to host the participation of 16 of its students. Therefore, the authorities and academic coordinations of this campus are providing them with accompaniment throughout the pre-competition process.

The activity is scheduled to start on Friday and Saturday, October 2 and 3, respectively, lasting 28 hours for the creation of the product.

In this regard, the teacher Marbella Jirón, coordinator of the area of Education Sciences and Languages, stated that "from now on there is a great emotion with this activity that we will have for the first time in the enclosure".

Heidi Guillén, academic secretary of the venue, said that "We have a participation of 16 students who make up four groups, with students from different areas and careers, as part of the preparation process we have coordinated a training in which important topics are being provided focused on the intercultural perspective of gender, teamwork, the Canvas methodology, soft activities, video editing and , on the emotional side, stress management."

"It is an important event for us, as our students are gaining experiences and new knowledge, we know that fostering these extracurricular activities strengthens teaching and learning in college students."

Area coordinators emphasized in students characteristics and values that contribute to good work together to achieve the expected goal.

Teacher Jirón explained that the selection of participants was multidisciplinary, with criteria such as: "good academic average, creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and with good attitudes, dynamic, respectful and that they had the capacity to work as a team".

"We will be watching the boys during the event, providing the emotional support they need to continue and any needs they have. Teachers in the area will be available to them," the coordinator concluded.