Students of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts, gathered at mental health forum
This activity encourages the student's commitment to the Caribbean community.
Josselyn Flores

Dialogues and strategies to promote mental health

URACCAN Bluefields campus brought together the young students of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts through the II Meeting of Psychologists, under the slogan "Mental Health Forum: No to Violence, Yes to Integral Solidarity", where they addressed important issues related to mental health, violence and discrimination, focused on the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the stigma it has left in people who survived this disease.

It should be noted that this process has been an initiative of the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC), in articulation with the Humanities area, where in addition to promoting a space for dialogue, it has also remained an activity in which the finalists of this race say good-bye to their teachers and colleagues, passing that legacy to the next generation.

This year, student Roxelly Farm, finalist of the 4th. year of The Year of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts, through emotional words of farewell she gave the symbol of the career to the student of the 3rd year, Dulce Sanarrusia.

"The students of the 4th. year of Psychology we want to formally make the delivery of our logo to the representation of the 3rd year, who from this moment have the responsibility to organize the next meeting of psychology; as future psychologists we do and promote activities for the development of our community and our university," Farm said.

Mental health related to daily realities

IMTRADEC coordinator Grace Kelly said that in "this meeting we have decided to work on the coVID-19 theme, as well as mental health framed to what non-violence is; we do this because we want young people to see that the issue of mental health is closely related to our daily lives; violence has been a big problem in our community; as psychologists and psychologists we have to learn to handle these particular issues that we see in society every day."

"The forum was born to commemorate World Mental Health Day, which is October 10, and from high school it was timed to organize students to work on issues around mental health."

Roxelly Granja expressed her experiences as a finalist, stating that "over the course of these four years we are learning about the need of the costly population about mental health issues; while we know mental health is not as relevant as physical health and must actually be taken into account, because we cannot have general well-being if there is no mental health."

"Through our practices we manage to identify some problems faced by the people of Bluefields, and that is why from this forum we want to continue to contribute a little so that we can reduce a little some of these realities that are lived in the population," the student concluded.