URACCAN students visit Hemco in Bonanza

By: José Garth Medina

Students from the fourth year of Business Administration of URACCAN, in the Las Minas campus, took a field tour to the company Hemco, in Bonanza, with the aim of knowing the experience of the private company in the management of natural and economic resources.

According to Aura Gonzales, coordinator of the area of economic and administrative sciences on the premises, these teaching-learning processes at URACCAN are closely linked to the community "And within the community are the companies and with them share our students and in this way the knowledge is consolidated", he commented.

Likewise, Gregorio Downs Rocha, of the mining company Hemco, mentioned that there is a protocol within the company to serve the students, in this case the students of URACCAN participated in a conference on safety in the planten and in talks on the environment, also taking a tour of different areas of the company. "There is a tour within the company so students can see from the top several areas of the company, they are guaranteed talks and they ask the questions," Downs added.

Institutional conventions

In addition, Downs emphasized that the company will be receiving more groups of students from URACCAN, as part of the articulation between the institution and the Company Hemco, which comes to strengthen the internship processes of the students of the different careers of this higher education house.

These visits are made within the framework of the agreement signed between URACCAN and the company Hemco, which establishes the internships and visits of URACCAN students to that company, in addition to developing joint research to resolve social conflicts of the community.

Photos: Courtesy Hemco