ONECA President's Conference

By: Betty Omier and Juan Polanco

Within the framework of the XV Conference of African-American youth and diaspora, ONECA; "Young Afro Leadership for Social Change", organized by URACCAN, at its Bluefields campus, Ms. Mirtha Colón, president of the Central American Black Organization (ONECA), shared the conference "What is ONECA and the importance of action from African-American youth.

During his speech, Columbus thanked all present, the different representations and organizations that have made possible the collective work of Afro youth and peoples in Central America and the diaspora "It is a pleasure to be with you tonight. We want more than anything tonight, to thank what has been the oneCA youth conference process, we want to thank each of the organizations for the last 15 years that each has hosted in the different countries to the conference," he said.

In addition, during his speech he mentioned that carrying out all these processes have been challenging and that it has been very difficult, but with the commitment and support of each organization, institution and personalities, the scheduled processes and activities have been carried out, for the joint work among the Afro youth of Central America.

Columbus also mentioned in his concern for integration, "it is very worrying that teaching comes from both sides, young people also teach adults, serve as teachers, and when they are going to reject us seniors, how we learn from each other, with technology we adults approach young people to learn , in 2018 a very interesting conference is held since the question why its approach was the gerenational relay, as ONECA from the board of directors we contribute to the relay from the conferences, I believe that we are already doing some of that work", he concluded.