Culminates IV Meeting of Central American and Caribbean Volunteering 2020
The work agenda covered two days of exhibitions, contributions and work proposals.
Ricardo Guzmán

These spaces of exchange and reflection allow public universities to strengthen their social projects.

With deep reflections and many challenges and goals to be met, the Fourth Central American and Caribbean Meeting of Volunteering 2020 concluded on Wednesday afternoon, through which CSUCA member universities shared their experiences of social projection, reaffirming the commitment of higher education institutions to communities. Student Welfare and student leadership, both from URACCAN, were part of this activity.

URACCAN, aware of its commitment to the quality of education and for the good of the peoples of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast, promotes development projects in education, health, environment, culture and regional autonomy. In this regard, the Director of Student Welfare of URACCAN, Mr. Léster Molina, explained that since its foundation this institution has had as a priority the community social extension and has accompanied the original peoples in their development processes with identity.

Agenda of activities of the second day and main proposals

On this day, the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of El Salvador, (UES), which organized this regional meeting, presented its Comprehensive Care Program for Patients with Developmental Alterations (PAIPAD), where students provide dental services to people with disabilities and poor social sectors.

The Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University of Honduras exhibited, for its part, its Project Chair the Earth, which involves students in reforestation and protection activities for Mother Earth, as well as participating in social and charitable works.

In this order, he also exhibited the National University of Honduras, a student political project of national impact: Students protagonists in the Construction of UNAH Citizenship, Student Elections Project, where young people from different careers participate in electoral projects.

On The part of Nicaragua, the National University of Engineering, represented by Denis Valle Nieto, presented the University Volunteering Service, whose impact lies in institutional management with companies, institutions and agencies that promote projects of social interest and where engineering and architecture students participate.

Similarly, the Specialized University of the Americas of Panama shared the theme "The University Volunteer as a trainer of human values and his role in our society", by the president of CONREVE, Dr. Erick García.

The day closed with the EUS Disability Care Unit, with its VolunteerIng School in Accompaniment to Students with Disabilities. The event's coordinator, Mr Jorge Cortez, UES Student Life Coordinator, then offered the words of thanks and closure.

Throughout these two days of exchange of experiences, presentations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it poses to continue supporting communities without exposing them to contagion were contextualized. The possibility of promoting student mobility through inter-university agreements was also raised.