Communication "between cultures" as territorial and environmental defense of the Mayangna Indigenous people
According to the researchers, the Mayangna Indians have great wisdom.
Dara Contretas

"The advent of Christianity has made an impact on Mayangna Indigenous culture, affecting the right to practice its own customs and traditions"

In the last two decades, the Mayangna indigenous population of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast has been affected by territorial invasions, which have impacted their lifestyle, directly on their customs and traditions.

Based on this premise, Máximo José Garth Medina, Master in Intercultural Communication, and Angélica Leonor Ruiz Calderón, Doctor of Education with specialization in Pedagogical Mediation, carried out the research entitled "Worldview of the Indigenous People Mayangna Sauni Arungka in the practice of environmental intercultural communication for territorial and environmental defense", published in the Journal Science and Interculturality, in volume 23.

This research work sets out the different perspectives of the indigenous Mayangna Sauni Arungka people, in the practice of Intercultural Communication, in defense of the territory and the environment, in such a way as to establish a harmonious dialogue, to reduce the conflict of territorial invasion and reduce the environmental and ecological impact on its territory.

This important contribution to the intercultural communication of the Mayangna indigenous people was made under a qualitative approach, based on the natural interpretation of the subject of study; in this case, it is intended to understand the values, beliefs and norms of the Mayangna indigenous people through non-participating observation, interviews and documentary analysis.

It was also done from a holistic approach, that is, viewed from a total perspective, without the division of variables, taking full conception of the aspects of those who are being studied.

The results exposed by Garth Medina and Ruiz Calderón in this research ensure that the relationship that indigenous people had with natural elements, has decreased drastically, since the Christian religion has had a great impact on these traditional practices, being described by the latter as "diabolical".

They also state that the Mayangna indigenous people have great wisdom, when they set out their ideas, in the debates in which they participate, and emphasize the contribution of women in intercultural communication, linked to knowledge, knowledge and learning.

Garth and Ruiz further emphasize that "to develop Intercultural Communication from the Panamahka peoples it is important to understand and recognize a culture of others and in the same way one's own, and to practice a common language to achieve a more balanced communication".

So this research generates an important contribution to the recognition of different cultures, and the importance of a peaceful and concrete debate that serves to promote respect, customs, traditions and territory of the Mayangna indigenous people.