They hold workshops with producers on program to develop maps
This workshop is essential to characterize the farms of coopesiuna partners.
José Garth Medina

ArcGIS is a program that allows you to analyze and organize geographic information.

A workshop on the ArcGIS program, which is a system for organizing geographic information and designing maps, was taught to producers who are associated with Coopesiuna, at URACCAN Las Minas, on their Siuna campus.

This was expressed by Arnulfo Torres Jarquín, technician of the Socio-Environmental Information Center (CISA) in the Las Minas campus, adding that the objective is to strengthen knowledge in the use and management of the ArcGIS program, for the elaboration of maps of the current land use of producers who are associated with Coopesiuna.

Torres Jarquín reported that the workshop was taught by CISA, in coordination with the Institute for the Study and Promotion of Autonomy (IEPA), both of URACCAN.

Engineer Luis Herrera Siles, IEPA coordinator at Las Minas, said the workshop is to provide them with the basic tools for farm mapping.

With this workshop, producers can do the lifting of the cocoa farms that the cooperative has and have the current land use of these farms and any other analyses that they want to do in the productive units.

In total, 15 Coopesiuna technicians participated and the workshop was made within the framework of the collaboration agreement that URACCAN has with the Siuna Cocoa Cooperative.

Eduardo Hislop, manager of the cooperative, argued that the URACCAN-Cipesiuna alliance is generating the first products and this workshop is essential to characterize the farms of the partners of the Coopesiuna.