CEIMM-URACCAN, Student Welfare and UNEN-URACCAN New Guinea hold joint working session
Articulation meeting between CEIMM-URACCAN, Student Welfare and UNEN-URACCAN
Articulation meeting between CEIMM-URACCAN, Student Welfare and UNEN-URACCAN
Judith Robleto

Annual Operational Plan Articulation

The Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URACCAN), the student leadership and student welfare area of URACCAN campus New Guinea, met to articulate work from the contextualization of each of its functions and strengthen joint efforts.

During this meeting, the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of URACCAN new Guinea, said that "these articulation efforts in each area are reflected in the results of the work," he said.

Unification of efforts, to obtain substantial results

According to teacher Danelia Benavides, COORDINATOR of CEIMM at the New Guinea campus, "the objective of the activity is to agree on a comprehensive plan that organizes and plans all those extracurricular activities, but which have an important value for life and what to make of URACCAN", he said.

In addition, Benavides added that "URACCAN not only works to generate skills or skills for the labor or intellectual field, but also promotes humanism, social work, and those capacities and values that work for us for life," he said.

Katerinne Huete, the student representative of the venue, said that these spaces are of paramount importance "because we do unification of activities that ensure the integral development of the student," he said.

An institutional plan endorsed by the CUR

In this same context Yamilex Aguilar, responsible for the student welfare area of the campus, assured that, achieved an articulated action plan between areas, it will be presented to the University Council of Campus (CUR), for later implementation.

In addition, Aguilar added that coordinations "have allowed actions to be translated into a plan of interculturality and intercultural perspective of gender, that serves the student, that improves social attention and improves academic performance," he said.

The articulation work session was also the stage for the approach of the mission and vision of this study house, where the work of the areas of attention to the student is visualized, from the commitment to the institutional unit.