Concertation space

URACCAN prepares its 2019 annual operational planning

Since the rectory of URACCAN, year after year a space of articulation, planning and institutional concertation has been promoted, so that during this week work is developed to build the Annual Operational Plan 2019. The general purpose of this meeting is to plan and reflect on institutional articulation, the approach to interculturality and the transversalization of the intercultural gender perspective in URACCAN.

Another objective of this dialogue space is to complete the planning to articulate and formalize the annual purchasing plan, in the same way, to reflect on collective efforts to save resources in general. In addition, the meeting held at the URACCAN New Guinea Campus aims to initiate the consultation process on compliance with strategic planning 2015-2019 and its scopes at the institutional level, with a view to the following strategic planning.

Path traveled

This collective effort is part of the XXV anniversary of the Intercultural Community University and coincides with the closure of five-year planning. The first process of concluded institutional planning at the university dates back to 2001. Currently 3 institutional planning processes are completed, and it is up to the latter, the effort to unify it with the implementation of the 3 years of implementation of the Improvement Plan, whose final compliance report was delivered on October 30, 2019, to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, CNEA.