Minsa appreciates contribution from Veterinary Medicine students at Canine Vaccination Day
Students received accompaniment from their teachers during the vaccination day.
Algiers Hernandez

Young people contribute with their time, effort and build their experiences.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) aims to apply the rabies vaccine to about 30,699 canes in the neighborhoods and communities of the municipality of Siuna. For this reason, 24 students of the Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medicine of the URACCAN Enclosure Las Minas gave their valuable contribution, participating in the Canine Vaccination Day.

"Our thanks to URACCAN for their continued support with student staff, they contribute with their time and build their experiences, which are very important for the Ministry of Health and the population of this municipality," said Dr. Elvin Centeno, epidemiologist at the Carlos Centeno Primary Hospital in Siuna.

According to Dr. Centeno, more than 13,000 cans have been vaccinated with input from health and student staff.

Experiences of students

For the student Lenin Mercado Urbina, "helping on the vaccination day is a process of sharing, in addition to helping in the health and development of the canes, since their health is also essential for the health of their owners".

Mercado recounted that it is a challenge to deal with dogs, as some exhibit aggressive behaviors, but from the moment he decided to study that career he was aware that he should show love to each of the animals.

"The experience has been very good for the development of our abilities, implementing the classes we receive trains us, strengthens us and gives us the opportunity to learn day by day," said student Judania Martinez.       

Support for the day was attended at all times by teachers at the university. "The person engaged in Veterinary Medicine must have the behavior of approaching animals," said Veterinary Dr. Ivan Jarquin.

"We cannot come to a home to attack an animal, we must show respect and give them the love that the owners give their pets, for my part I am happy with the work of the students," Jarquin said.