URACCAN University Council, at the first Special Session of the year
URACCAN authorities, under the direction of Dr. Alta Hooker, during the Special Session that brought together all areas and addresses of the enclosures and extensions.
Ricardo Guzmán, Judith Robleto and José Garth

The CUU is the highest governing body of this institution.

This week was held the Special Session No. 1-2020 of the University Council of URACCAN (CUU), in a virtual way, through which the authorities of this study house, led by the Rector, Dr. Alta Hooker, monitored the institutional work, analyzed the panorama and educational perspectives in the current pandemic context of COVID-19, as well as the projections of academic development for 2021.

In this session, the agenda covered the following topics: the 2021 academic offer and calendar; the report on the virtualization of education at URACCAN as of August 20 and a budget implementation report of the University in the first half of 2020, aspects that take effect in a context of prevention, mitigation and attention of COVID–19.

The University Council of URACCAN (CUU) is the highest governing body of this institution. It is composed of the different sectors of life and multicultural university community: authorities, students, administrative and teaching guild, institutes and research centers, as well as the Pro URACCAN Association, from which this commendable house of studies was founded.

Based on the above, this Special Session allowed to analyze the current educational context, evaluate proposals prepared from the different areas and coordinations of the university, and make timely decisions to continue with the 2020 educational program, as well as the strategies to be implemented for the coming year, considering how the national, regional and international situation evolves.

In this regard, teacher Concepción Urbina Dávila, representative of the administrative guild of the New Guinea precinct, explained that URACCAN is reacquishing its processes according to the needs of the university community and the communities of the Caribbean Coast. "No one was prepared to face this (COVID-19), but despite the adversity, URACCAN has not stopped, the processes are being developed and fulfilled, ensuring the training of our professionals," she said.

What was set out by the trade union representative explains the meeting held last week by the Academic Directorate, Student Welfare and Student Government, depending on the channeling of the demands of the university students. Similarly, all areas, addresses and coordinations of URACCAN were meeting previously, in order to submit their respective reports and proposals to this governing body.

Hence, the CUU is the body responsible for making all decisions regarding the opening of careers, curricular transformations or strategic changes, as well as the approval of the new academic offer and of promoting the Institutional Strategic Plan that was designed for 10 years and was planned in May 2020.