Students support cleaning and sanitation day of Carlos Centeno hospital in Siuna
Group of students from the 3rd year of Intercultural Nursing who participated in the hospital cleaning process.
José Garth Medina

Contributing to the health of the municipality

Students of Intercultural Nursing of URACCAN Las Minas, supported in the day of cleaning of the Carlos Centeno Primary Hospital, Siuna, in order to eliminate pockets of infection and prevent diseases, in addition to offering a better environment in this care center.

The 30 intercultural nurses, all from the 3rd year of the race, while participating in the sanitation activity, practiced their measures to protect against viruses and bacteria, reported the teacher Lilia Montoya Leal, coordinator of Legal Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences of URACCAN Las Minas.

Dr. Denia Ordóñez, a teacher in the area, thanked URACCAN for their students being able to clean up the hospital. In this process, the Galena taught young people how the issue of litter is handled in relation to the anti-pandemic protocol, as everything that leaves the COVID-19 area must be incinerated immediately. The rest is deposited in the containers that the truck then pulls out of the mayor's office towards the municipal dumpster.

"The contribution of students is very important to us, because they contribute to improving the environment, but it also prevents the proliferation of bacteria and viruses that can affect the health of the inhabitants who visit the care center," dr. Ordóñez said.

For their part, students noted that in their learning teaching process, this cleanliness is part of the actions that we must take not only in the hospital, but in each of their homes and neighborhoods to help improve the conditions in which their families and neighbors live.

URACCAN, within its Vision and Mission promotes care and respect for Mother Earth and from these spaces articulated with the Ministry of Health these values and principles are promoted in students, which are of great relevance to providing quality services to the communities of the Caribbean Coast.