Follow-up to URACCAN Rosita students who practice in elementary and secondary schools
One of the young students of Education and History Sciences, guiding high school students of the Rubén Darío College, in Rosita.
Lazarus Figueroa

Students of Education Sciences with mention in History at URACCAN Rosita are doing their internships in the urban education centers of this Caribbean municipality, teaching elementary and secondary students.

From the coordination and academic area of this university extension, 3rd-year students of that career continue to be tracked, who are implementing what they have learned so far.

Francisco Herrera Lara is teaching his classes with the seventh graders of the Rubén Darío College. "On this day we are teaching the Economics class, we have taught Philosophy and History, which are subjects that we see them in the university, and we put them into practice with those and the students of the high schools," Herrera said.

"URACCAN sends us to the ground to do our internships, because we know that we should not be left alone with theory, but with the accompaniment of teachers we undertake and share our learning with students," the young university said.

Francisco Herrera Lara worked as a barber in Rosita, but for three years decided to join URACCAN.

"As a worker I am made it easier to receive classes on a Saturday, because I can work for the rest of the days; I also thank URACCAN for allowing me to professionalize myself; I know that the career I'm going through is very different from what I do, but if I like history above all being able to serve others, which is something I've learned in this study house," Herrera concluded.

From the area of Education Sciences and Languages, URACCAN trains men and women who will work as teachers in the Ministry of Education and the way it contributes to the development of relevant education on the Caribbean Coast.